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Fry Spotting in Campbell Creek

If you see tiny fish in Campbell Creek, please leave them there; they are actually young salmon, not minnows! Enjoy watching them swim, but please don't take them home.

Growing Salmon

Campbell Creek is home to five species of Pacific salmon. Although young salmon look like minnows, they are not. These young salmon are called "fry" and need to stay in the creek to live; they will die if you put them in your fish tank at home!

They are wild fish - not pet fish!

Young salmon stay in Campbell Creek for one to three years depending on the species. Check out the chart on the panel to learn when young salmon head to sea. They spend most of their adult lives in the ocean before returning home to complete their life cycle.

Vital Players

Every young salmon taken from the creek today will mean fewer adult salmon that return to Campbell Creek in the future. This means fewer fish for people to enjoy and fewer nutrients to keep the Campbell Creek watershed healthy.

The five species of Pacific salmon are illustrated on the panel:

  • Chinook (king) - called Łiq'aka'a in the Upper Inlet dialect of Dena'ina
  • Chum (dog) - called Seyi in the Upper Inlet dialect of Dena'ina
  • Coho (silver) - called Nudiegha in the Upper Inlet dialect of Dena'ina
  • Sockeye (red) - called Q'uya in the Upper Inlet dialect of Dena'ina
  • Pink (humpy) - called Qughuna in the Upper Inlet dialect of Dena'ina

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