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Holding Up the Banks

Stable, well-vegetated creek banks prevent erosion and provide habitat for fish and other aquatic life.

Robbing the Banks

While natural erosion can be beneficial to a creek, human use and development can accelerate streambank erosion, reducing water quality and damaging salmon habitat.

Protecting Investments

There are simple restoration techniques to maintain creek banks. Several of these techniques are illustrated on the panel and are in use along Campbell Creek, including one or more of the following:

  • Light-penetrating boardwalks allow vegetation to grow and provide fishing access.
  • Brush layering utilizes layers of native plant cuttings and soil to revegetate and stabilize the bank.
  • Tree root wads stabilize banks and provide fish habitat. Light-penetrating boardwalks and platforms may be installed above root wads to ensure safe access for fishing and other recreation.
  • Spruce tree revetment uses spruce trees anchored sideways along the bank to slow water and create fish habitat.
  • Coir logs are made from plant fiber that decays over time. They stabilize banks until natural vegetation can re-grow.

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