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The Campbell Creek Watershed is home to bears, moose and other animals. Always watch for wildlife, especially in dense brush or along the creek. Read on for tips on wildlife awareness and safety, and how to...

Live in Harmony with Wildlife

Fish Safely

If you fish in Campbell Creek, keep these tips in mind:

  • Fish in areas with good visibility so you can see approaching bears.
  • If a bear approaches, STOP FISHING! If you have a fish on, give it slack or cut the line - a splashing fish may attract a bear.
  • When cleaning your fish onsite, clean them IN the creek, then cut up remains and throw them in the deepest, fastest water.
  • Keep your catch with you or in your vehicle. Don't leave your fish unattended for bears to find.

Hike and Bike Smart

Bears and moose will usually avoid people when given a chance. Make noise while using the trail to let them know you are nearby.

  • If you encounter a bear, STAND YOUR GROUND, even if it approaches. NEVER RUN OR BIKE AWAY FROM A BEAR, this may encourage it to chase you.
  • If a bear is near but not approaching, back away slowly and head in a safe direction.
  • Remember, moose are wild animals, and should be treated with respect and caution. Give moose space, rather than harassing them.
  • If a moose is on or near the trail, move away and head in the opposite direction. If a moose acts aggressively, move away rapidly and seek cover behind a tree or other obstacle.

Put Trash Where It Belongs

  • Please do not litter: carry out what you pack in or use the bear-resistant garbage containers located along the trail.
  • Manage household trash properly by making it inaccessible to bears. The Municipality of Anchorage requires that garbage be set out the day of pickup, NOT the night before. These practices keep bears out of our trash, which prevents public safety hazards and saves bears' lives - a "problem" bear often becomes a dead bear.

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